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Preply Cognitive Disabilities Scholarship

Preply has a long history of helping students with their academic needs. We’ve launched 4 scholarships since 2016 and have awarded $20.000 to 12 students around the world. This time, we have decided to lend a helping hand to students with learning disabilities.

Our Cognitive Disabilities Scholarship Program is aimed to help the students with documented learning or reading disabilities. We award $3.000, $1.500, and $750 to the 3 best applicants. The award can then be spent to cover the educational expenses or learn English with a specialized tutor on our platform.

To participate, a student should submit a video explaining why he’s the best scholarship candidate and tell us how learning a foreign language can be a new direction to overcome his cognitive disability.

Videos should be recorded in English, filmed horizontally, uploaded on a publicly available video URL that must allow embedding. The content of the video should be logically related to the following themes: “overcoming cognitive disabilities” and “learning foreign languages”. In the application form, participants will need to specify their: name, name of the educational institution, country, city, and contact phone number.

Other resources for students with learning disabilities: